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7 Best Security Measures to Consider While Shopping Online

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Who doesn’t love to shop online? We’re guessing no one. It is the easiest and the most convenient way to buy anything and get them at your doorstep. All it takes is a few clicks on the screen and a day or two of the wait. But where is the internet, there are hackers too, who involve in malicious activities to steal your money or products. As we go through the article, we will talk about the top 7 steps to ensure safety during online purchases.

Real site

Make sure you’re on the real site

One way of fooling the customers is to create fake websites in the same name as the original name, so fool customers.  You need to be aware of the check out process where you drop in your account details. Some ways to tell if a website is fake are:

  • change website names
  • Customer support email id that is not official
  • Broken English with extremely cheap products on the site
  • Encrypted sites

Visit sites that have a lock option at the beginning of the site URL. This symbol ensures that the information provided on the site is safe and free of malicious activities.

Use secure Internet networks

Connecting to an unknown network is a big no-no when regarding security as anyone might try to hack your phone and get all the details in it. Another important measure is to protect your wifi with a strong password and do not share it with strangers.

Browser's antivirus system

Update the browser’s antivirus system

Nowadays almost all computers and laptops are embedded with antivirus systems. It is essential to keep them updated to protect your device from data leakage or accidental download of infectious malware. Also, clear the cache whenever possible as the cookies tend to save passwords of your accounts and other card details automatically.

Do not purchase from a spam email

Sometimes, people fall prey to the advertisements and other spam content that is forwarded in the email or via text messages. Make sure you do not link on those links as they can trigger your system to download malware and malicious software into the system.

Type the URL

This is an addition to the point mentioned above. Instead of clicking on the links and other spam messages, type the URL manually in your search engine so ensure you reach the official website instead of the fake ones.

One card payment

One card payment

It is essential to be extra careful when you’re paying through your credit or debit card. HENCE, use only one card for payment instead of saving all your online payment information on the account or website.  It is advisable to use credit cards, instead of debit as they often contain a limit to purchase—for example, 50,000. Even if you’re information is leaked to the outside, the hacker will not be able to extract anything over 50,000 and immediately blocks the card when informed of the theft.


Shopping online can be fun and games until you’re a victim o malicious activities. Follow the steps as mentioned above to prevent you from falling prey to such activities.


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