6-8 July 2018  |  Olympia London

Skins Matter′s Free From Skincare Awards

The FreeFrom Skincare Awards take place annually at Love Natural Love You.

The 2017 FreeFrom Skincare Awards Winners were announced during a presentation on 7th July 2017 at the show.

View the winners here!

About the awards ...

The FreeFrom Skin Care Awards are designed to celebrate and encourage skincare manufacturers who create products that exclude some of the allergens, fragrances and other ingredients associated with skin and health issues, ethical and environmental concerns, and which may appeal to those looking for more natural cosmetics, including those with problem skin conditions or allergies.

All entries are first rigorously tested for one month by experienced testers – some from Awards associates the Beauty Bible, and others drawn from SkinsMatter.com readers with skin issues – who each assess and mark products thoroughly for qualities such as usability and efficacy. The testers complete detailed questionnaires and return them to the Awards team. This feedback is collated, and a Shortlist is drawn up and announced in May.

Shortlisted products go forward to the next phase – week-long round-table panel judging. Judges are made up of skincare experts, beauty writers, cosmetic formulators and those with problem skin conditions. They assess qualities such as innovation, ingredients, labelling, value for money and ‘free from’ qualities. Subsequently, their assessments are combined with those of the testers, and bronze, silver and gold ‘medals’ are allocated in each category. From all gold winners, an overall ‘Best FreeFrom Skincare Product’ Award is decided.

For more on the judging process, on the FreeFrom Skincare Awards’ site, click here.


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