5-7 July 2019  |  Olympia London

Love Natural Love Fitfluence

We were so excited to welcome Fitfluence to Love Natural Love you!

The team were joined by visitors for an amazing workout, followed by a delicious refuel of healthy food and then a knowledge session.
There was an incredible line-up of instructors and health and fitness professionals.


Fluent in Fitness with Alice Liveing, Nikki Urwin and Nichola Whitehead.

The event began with a dynamic class led by Alice aka Clean Eating Alice.
Alice guided us through a series of body weight exercises, a high energy class with lots of imaginative alternatives to add to your usual routine.

Next up was a Pilates class led by Nikki for an all over long and lean workout.

Our class instructors were then joined by dietician Nichola Whitehead of Nic′s Nutrition who was talking through food facts and myths following with a Q&A.

The Fitfluence team also took part in Book signings and gave talks in the main LNLY theatre!


The team were back on sunday with ′Fluent in Fitness′ with Sophie Holmes and Annie Clarke.
Sophie started Sunday with a motivating, active workout. followed by a yoga workout led by Annie.

Our class instructors were once again joined by dietician Nichola Whitehead of Nic′s Nutrition where the focus was on "Being Kind to Yourself with Food & Fitness"
Annie Clarke, yoga teacher and food and wellness blogger was then in the main theatre as she discussed "The Health and Happiness Mission"

Personal Trainer and author of the Body Bible, Alice Liveing, Girl Boss and founder of The Clique Dani Watson, Blogger and marathon runner, Charlie Watson returned in the afternoon to share how they have turned their Dreams into Plans

Find out more about Fitfluence here!

A little about Fitfluence

Being fit and healthy is really important to us so that we can get the most out of life. Taking the first steps to live a healthy lifestyle can seem daunting and unapproachable and it often starts with a really restrictive diet or obsessive exercise. Instead we think healthy living should have a good influence - Fitfluence - on life not completely take over.

We advocate making healthy lifestyle choices and changes that you can stick to. We know that everyone is at different stages and has different questions so we′ve set up events where people can learn about fitness and nutrition and make educated changes that really work. We′re excited to be spreading the message of a long-lasting approach to healthy living and can′t wait to meet you at one of our events soon.



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