5-7 July 2019  |  Olympia London

Akoma Skincare

At Akoma, we do business in a way that's good for everybody. From the start of our production process, right to the moment when you're using one of our fabulous products, you can be satisfied that we've thought about our workers, the environment, and you every step of the way. Our raw shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and black soap products are produced in cooperatives in Ghana, using traditional methods that don't harm the environment, producing 100% organic products. Our raw shea butter and black soap are certified Fairtrade, which means all our workers are paid a fair price, and our raw shea butter is also certified organic. All our other products are organic and fairly traded.

Stand Number : L313
Website : https://www.akomaskincare.co.uk/
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